Grown @​$​$ Mutant Ninja Turtles (Secret of the Snooze) "Stop Sleepin On Us"

by (G.A.M.N.T.) Jitsu Gaiden x T-Que the Hurricane

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This album illustrates the journey of two ninjas who are seeking enlightenment of becoming Super Saiyan Ninja Turtles 4th level. Their skills don't start off too sharp as they need correction and guidance from their new Sensei "Grand Master Thumbtack"

The G.A.M.N.T. are the younger cousins of the T.A.M.N.T. They have trained separately their entire lives and have had successes in battle. The older of the two (T-Que the Hurricane) has been given the task of guiding his younger brother (Jitsu Gaiden) into a new land (Cashville) to expand his territory and display his skill set. T-Que has networked and found a Grand Master in the form of a PIT BULL. Sensei Grand Master Thumbtack was a student many years ago with the well-known Sensei Master Splinter. They went separate ways to study deeper and Thumbtack has reached Grand Master Status.

Thumbtack instructed the turtles to keep deep traditions, while innovating their craft, and illustrating self-expression.

To keep tradition the turtles went deep into the heart of the south and decided a Memphis based sound with oriental influence would be key. The production features a super producer from Memphis named HOT ROD and a bright New producer from Memphis named JohnnyBoiWonder. The mystery involves aspects from a "Tripple-6 Mafia" ancient tradition as well. Two other Producers are included for balance. Will the G.A.M.N.T. succeed and get Jitsu Gaiden welcomed into the new land? Will they discover what happened to Master Splinter? Listen and See!!!!

Frequent Flyers Lifestyle Inc.


released July 1, 2017

Executive Production By: T-Que the Hurricane & Jitsu Gaiden

Mixed By: Chanz Farmer- IG @Chanzf
Mastered By: Christopher "Freeze" Feaster- IG @FreezzDaBossman
Illustration & Design By: Kyro Wolf- IG @kyrowolf

Special Thanks: Beanz Kash-Flo as Sensei Grand Master Thumbtack

IG for executive producers- @JitsuGaiden & @fourthlyfe
Twitter for executive producers- @jitsuGaiden & @cashvilesweathr

Dedicated to 3-MZ-75

Frequent Flyers Lifestyle Inc.



all rights reserved


Jitsu Gaiden Murfreesboro, Tennessee

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Track Name: "Super Saiyan Ninja Turtles 4" - (G.A.M.N.T.)
Yeahhhh if you don't know me by now, I'ts T-Que the hurricane, and Frequent Flyers hired me, and i'm @cashvilesweathr

•i be so swagged while surfin so cowabunga
• jitsu makes it rain lightning fast and I smoke that thunder
• I been known for takin girls strait home, ion want they numbers
• hit em wit my super saiyan sword, put em in a slumber

• now she catching zs, before she caught these dragon balls
• too bad she gotta wake up to a prepaid pre tipped uber call
• we turtles cause of plenty green and shells but we be been some dawgs
• and we hate the pigs don't eat pork but keep Rollin hogs and the papers raw

Break power up

• when i was homeless it was real tragic, MDMA slash crack addict
• enrolled in grad school while rehabin, its a blessing that I get to tell it
• used make sales then make bail
Then I was a sale and I went to jail
• released then relapsed 4 times its amazing I didn't destroy myself

• took a android w just WiFi started a credit biz w my prophtye
• did day labor stocked shelves at night prayed a whole lot now I'm taking flights
• IMA frequent flyer, that's my style of life
• no hocus pocus just joined a gym, got ninja focused

• now I drive a beamer, cause my chick too bougie for a ford focus
• and she bad too, I know her ex is a sad dude
• and she love it when I bite her and I smack too
• and I pull her hair i think I stroke pretty good for a fat dude

• I keep the bees boppin , got homeboys that sell rock steady
• I got a friend wit a Jason mask that'll give u nightmares til u ask for Freddy there I said it Hurricane
Track Name: "Keep it Trillll" - (G.A.M.N.T.) ft. Lil Vac & Lroy Da Boy
•Ain't a ninja kept it trill like Bun B did Pimp C
•Til I seen Lito hold it down til red dot was free (red dot free)
•Thats means its ninjas that keep it trill from Texas to Tennessee
•And this wildcat from Kentucky made this bumpin ass beat

•But it don't matter where you from its all in how ya heart beat
•And if we beef we gon ride and I ain't got no car seat
•lil Boy smoke ya loud and get to tweetin bout Anna
•you get a ball and a rental now you tony Montana

•Why don't you stack up get a franchise, get ya credit score off flatline
•Im getting my masters music's my pastime eatin u dumb ninjas like snack time
•you need to regroup like halftime n half of yal done dropped dimes
•text bout business I text a stop sign you wanna be trill first ninja stop lying

•man erbody can't make beats or trap rap or sell crack
•cause God gave you a talent why don't you cultivate it and sell that
•Ima felon too its no excuse so I got it in never fell back
•from a coke addict to a beamer u gossipin hoes run n tell that I kept it trill
Track Name: "Know the Difference" - (G.A.M.N.T.) ft. Hambino
Hook: (T-que/Jitsu)

•Are you survivin or are you thrivin
•If you ain't either one you not alive man
•Are you alive or are you livin
•By this songs end I hope you know the difference

Verse: Hurricane

•6 am hit the alarm and you betta not hit snooze (betta not)
•You miss a day you'll miss that pay and then you'll sing the blues
•You breakin ya neck you check to check its ya destiny to loose
•All you doin is survivin but long as you got them jays you cool

•You a fool now you gotta cop that pack and u strapped up wit that tool
•Just to make ends meet you makin deals wit Cuzins or they Bool
•Man I'm thrivin I'm here pickin places for me n my chick to cruise
•She got 401k I'm an entrepreneur and our financial advisor Rules

•See being alive means just breathin prolly just havin sex and eatin
•In society ur just a heathan the only king you knows in Cleveland
•I'm bout to build a kingdom neatly I'm bout residuals while sleepin
•And a beamer is what I creep in
I'm i deal so I eat her to creep in (ugh)

•I fix credit on the weekend fly my gal in see the weekend (u deserve it)
•You just do drugs on the weekend sittin stuck not blinkin geekin
•You shallow jump in this deep end You gonna sink or swim capeeche man
•See this blueprint I'm unleashin prolly can't but I got you thinkin

Hook: (T-que/Jitsu)

•Are you survivin or are you thrivin
•If you ain't either one you not alive man
•Are you alive or are you livin
•By this songs end I hope you know the difference
Track Name: "When the $ Comes" - (G.A.M.N.T.) ft. Andena

•i remember our peanut butter said peanut butter
•label had no color, and our cheese was in a box shaped like a block
•and it made them bologna sandwiches real good
•I didn't know we was real hood we were just boys in it

•i had a wood chest n i kept some toys in it
•then suddenly we moved out that place (why)
•I didn't know why, just knew my brother got shot in the face
•was it because he had a 92 maxima in 1990

•I just remember playin hide n go seek so police don't find him
•I asked my mother were we poor one day and she said yes
•but I was happy cause we had tecmo bowl on nes
•then we were playin wit candles when we got that bill from n.e.s.

•Cause my pops was laid off my mom was crying from the stress
•she said son just do your best and leave unto the lord the rest
•and one day when the money comes we'll clean up all this mess
•I was big so I played football tried make big plays

•and I'd get grounded if I brought less than a B for my grades
•and I'd always get pulled over cause I was black and I had Braids
•so I skipped class one day chopped it, graduated wit a fade
•I was faced with a choice to chase that pack or chase that knowledge

•then my mother dropped to her knees (why) I told her I'll choose collage
•it was all up to me, i was the baby boy of 3
•the middle one gave up his dream he tore the the cartilage in his knee
•even ray Charles could see that if I don't succeed

•that I'll always be in need, of donations just to eat
•I gotta get this cream

Hook: Andena

One day, when the money comes
I'ma show you what these dreams made of
I'ma show you what these dreams made of
Track Name: "Ninja Vanish" - (G.A.M.N.T.) ft Ruboy
Thumbtack: Announcing the fight


•I dwell in a land where they really hurt you (Cashville)
•Got more red n blue than the color purple
•If they don't know you then they won't serve you
•And the chicks bad n bougie man they gon curve you

•Its some dudes get real mad they cant holler
•And you pull em they be muggin from the side
•Well I'm the type of guy that don't beef over broads
•But I'll crank the beef up over pride

•Well cash me outside ninja how bout dah
•I love throwin hands ion need not gat
•They was fin jump Todd I jumped off the balcony wit a golf club and a baseball bat

•This ain't no game but its mortal kombat
•I'm standin solo get ya friends are you kin to them
•Cause they gon need someone to contact
•Cause all four voices in my head sayin finish him

•murder murder kill kill all four are synonyms
•is there a doctor in the house cause I'm sick of him
•im on 5 year paper and its witnesses so ill just finish this quick then I dip smoke bomb! (Throws Smoke Bomb)

I'm standing in the front both my ninjas to ya sides
I would say look but like it from behind
Cause you gay anyway I ain't wasting my time
Jitsu Ru boy lets put em in a pine
Track Name: "#neckrollmafia" - (G.A.M.N.T.) ft. JohnnyBoiWonder, Ask 4 Pauldo Who Cares, & $Big 5
Intro (Talking)

Hook: Neck Roll Mafi- A Roo


•I gotta neo named thump
•He grab kitty like he trump
•Que calogne is chicken beer n skunk
•Don't try to pledge if u a punk

•We like girls wit them rumps
•That sit real high in them pumps
•We grab n bite em like they lunch
•We roll our necks then we hunch

•My tongue long like my process
•Oh she ain't going, man that's nonsense
•They lined up by the frat house votin for wood strokes like a contest

•if u ain't rockin gold or wit neck roll u gettin nun like a convent
•i came to wreck her like a convict
•u came to fight call my bondsman